Make Mastering Videography Your Life Career and Build an Amazing Income

See how this videography Membership Course can build your knowledge, give you the practical’s you’ll need to take it into the real world - and go beyond special!

Welcome to Mastering Videography A  membership course that will teach you everything you need to know about improving your videography skills, with tips, tricks and techniques relevant across all skill levels and equipment types.


This membership course is perfect for anybody who is serious about learning the skill of videography including:

● Newbies to videography

● Students studying media

● Freelancers wanting to expand their skillset

● Business owners wanting to leverage the power of video

● Experienced videographers that want to network their skills in to new areas

● For those wanting to change an interest into a career after an enforced period of change during the pandemic period

Here what’s available in modules:

Staged access to  modules (20 plus currently in the schedule)

● Around 2 hours of relevant content every month

● Easy to follow modules packed with practical information and techniques

● Access to our private FB group

● Members-only monthly ‘live’ Q & A sessions

● Amazing ‘video lounge’ 1 hr webinars (upgrade members only)

● Monthly critique from Mike and Dan (upgrade members only)

● Access to professional call sheets, shot list and script templates

● New modules added every month

● Access to all previous months you are a member ongoing

● Audio versions of each video for easy listening anytime/ anywhere



Special Upgrade Membership OPTION ( selected at checkout)

Access to Special  ‘Live’ video lounge interviews

During these sessions, we will be chatting to friends in the industry on zoom and recordings available in the upgrade membership area (after around 24 hours)

Includes interviews with professionals working in the following disciplines:

● DoP working in music videos and commercials

● Steadicam operator working in the movie industry

● Sound Recordist from the broadcast and corporate world

● Live camera operator from news to sport

● Video editor and colourist from the commercial world

● PLUS the opportunity to ask live questions in the interview

These initial interviews may change in order but requested interviews in specific areas can also be added.

This is priceless and doesn’t exist in any other course!

So, I’m sure you’ll agree that our Mastering Videography membership course has everything

covered regardless if you are a complete beginner or an established videographer,

there will be something here for you!

Remember this is not a membership course about equipment or equipment reviews, it’s about

how to use what you have .....


● How to choose the right camera

● How to film with multiple cameras

● How to deal with sound

● How to light a subject or scene

● How to pick the right lens

● How to choose the right editing platform

● How to prepare for the shoot

● How to use video in your business

Special Offer Membership

get the Mastering Videography Membership Course at a Discounted price $37 (currently down from $57 PM)!!


- Monthly released modules

- private FB group membership

- all future interviews  and discussions in the Master Class Video Lounge

ALL FOR JUST $37 per month (LIMITED TIME OFFER normally $57)